Should You Really Water Your Lawn in November When the Grass is Dormant?

Starting in November there is no need to water your lawn as much as at the start of autumn. Be careful not to overwater. Overwatering can lead to drowning your lawn and is both a waste of money and resources. We recommend winterizing your irrigation system before freezing temperatures. There is no need to routinely Read More

Use a Lawn Runoff Test to Avoid Costly Watering

Use the lawn runoff test to gauge ideal watering conditions. This test can be conducted manually or by the use of the controller. Both tests should start with dry soil so do not conduct after a storm or after watering. Additionally, each zone should be run separately. Manual Method Start by running the zone you Read More

Sprinkler Controller Troubleshooting

The brain of an automatic irrigation system is the controller.  The sprinkler controller is sometimes called the timer and it must be running efficiently for the the irrigation system to perform properly. Most problems with sprinkler controllers that are not related to programming issues can be traced back to poor wire connections or a shorted Read More

Sprinkler System Troubleshooting

Malfunctions with a properly installed sprinkler system should be an exception rather than the rule.  Most problems are obvious and involve no more than adjusting a water pattern by twisting the pop up head.  However, with leaks or nonfunctioning zones, you may require more extensive sprinkler system troubleshooting. You can begin to troubleshoot the problem Read More

Don’t Let Your Lawn Sprinkler System Become a Geyser

Geysers are pretty in parks but not something you want to see in your yard after you start up your lawn sprinkler system. Every year we receive calls from homeowners as they watch in horror while a water geyser sprouts from their lawn.  Spring will be in full bloom soon and the time to get your Read More