Use a Lawn Runoff Test to Avoid Costly Watering

Use the lawn runoff test to gauge ideal watering conditions. This test can be conducted manually or by the use of the controller. Both tests should start with dry soil so do not conduct after a storm or after watering. Additionally, each zone should be run separately. Manual Method Start by running the zone you Read More

Sprinkler System Troubleshooting

Malfunctions with a properly installed sprinkler system should be an exception rather than the rule.  Most problems are obvious and involve no more than adjusting a water pattern by twisting the pop up head.  However, with leaks or nonfunctioning zones, you may require more extensive sprinkler system troubleshooting. You can begin to troubleshoot the problem Read More

Winter Lawn Maintenance to Ensure Protection of Plants

Cold damage to plants can be a problem during the winter in the Georgia landscape.  Following the recommended practices for  winter lawn maintenance can maximize the chances that your plants will survive the winter. Acclimate your plants to the cold before the first freeze.  Cold injury can occur on all parts of the plant. Typically, Read More