Pledge to Conserve

In the most general sense, drought originates from a deficiency of precipitation over an extended period of time, resulting in a water shortage. Whatever the definition, it is clear that the drought in GA is officially over. However, Dallas North recognizes that water is one of our most precious and limited resources.

Landscaping and irrigation is our best opportunity for conservation. In recognition of the need to address the water resource demands of Georgia’s rapidly growing population, we have provided a suggested list of conservation measures.


  • Avoid planting in areas that are difficult to irrigate such as steep slopes and isolated strips along driveways and walkways.
  • Mulch plants bushes and trees to help soil retain moisture and nutrients.
  • Plant in the Spring or Fall when rain is more frequent and watering needs are less.
  • Plant flower and vegetable varieties that are shade tolerant.
  • Use xeriscape principles-water conservation landscaping.


  • Water your lawn only when it needs it. If footprints remain when you walk across the lawn and it turns a dull grey-green, its time to water. Lawns can do without water for a long time and turn green again when moisture if available.
  • Predawn watering is best to avoid the heat of the day where water is lost to evaporation and wind. Check with your local water provider for restrictions.
  • Check sprinkler system valves for leaks. Examine all heads and repair leaks promptly.
  • Use an automatic timer to adjust to seasonal demands.
  • Install a rain shut-off device that will work with weather conditions.
  • Make sure that your irrigation design only waters the intended grass/vegetation. Use low volume irrigation heads for shrubs and flower beds.
  • Drip irrigation is ideal for watering gardens, trees and shrubs

Newly installed landscapes may be installed by anyone and may be watered with an inground irrigation system during designated days and times for up to 10 weeks . Please visit for the most updated information.

From Our Customers

“I wish all contractors would communicate as well. They always show up when they say or, if running late, they call the homeowner. This has always been true with DNLS. They always solve the problem. DNLS gives the best solution for the homeowner, not the one that provides the most profit.” – sprinkler customer John in Cumming