Irrigation System FAQ’s

Irrigation System FAQ’s AtlantaIf you plan to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, you will need to water it.  The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to use an irrigation system.  Before you have a system installed you will need to know what it is and how it works.  Read these Irrigation System FAQ’s before choosing and installing your system.

1) What type of damage and how much damage to my lawn should I expect?

We use lot of caution during installation and use machinery that minimizes lawn damage. The likelihood of damage depends upon how well established your lawn is and soil conditions. Usually in two to three weeks you would never even know you had an irrigation system installed.

2) Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the irrigation installation?

No, Dallas North Lawn Sprinklers is a full-service irrigation company who will take you through the process start to finish.

3) After my system is up and running is there anything I need to do?

Usually no. However, simple adjustments of the controller may be necessary to ensure a sufficient watering cycle and duration. Your system is practically maintenance-free with proper seasonal servicing.

4) Does having a sprinkler system really save me time?

Of course! You now will not have to spend any of your time watering your lawn. Your new system will do it for you; even when you are away from home.

5) Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I am currently using?

No, in fact, an automatic sprinkler system may actually save you water. A well planned, efficient irrigation system applies precisely the amount of water needed by your lawn. You will never have to worry about wasting water if you forget to turn off the hose. In addition, with a rain shut off sensor your system will know when it is raining and will just turn itself off when water is not needed.

6) How long do I let my sprinklers run to water my lawn effectively?

We will set the time on each zone according to your soil and site conditions after installation. Typically, rotary heads in full sun should run between 30-45 minutes per zone. Spray zones for lawn and shrub can differ, but a 10-15 minute run time is standard.

7) How often must I maintain my system?

A properly designed and installed system requires minimal maintenance. At the beginning of each season heads may need to be adjusted and cleaned.

8) What is a backflow preventer?

Irrigation system backflow prevention devices are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. They are designed for installation on clean water lines to protect against both back-siphonage and back-pressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply. Backflow assemblies provide protection where potential health hazards exist.

9) What are the components of an automatic sprinkler system?

A standard system is comprised of a controller (which is the brains), valves (which open and close to release and stop the flow of water to underground pipes at times set by the controller) and sprinklers (which distribute water to specific areas and come in two basic heads (fixed and rotary). The sprinkler system can be customized further with rain shut -off devices, soil moisture sensors and drip irrigation zones.

10) Where should I place my controller?

Your controller can be located wherever installation and operation are convenient. Normally that would be in your garage. However, most models are approved for outdoor installation if desired.

If you still have questions after reading these 10 Irrigation System FAQ’s, give Dallas North Lawn Sprinklers a call at 770-943-9654.  They can answer all of your irrigation questions.