Essential Outdoor Lighting Design Tips

outdoor lighting design atlantaWhether you are a do it yourselfer or a professional contractor, it is important to understand the basic design concepts of designing an outdoor lighting plan. Armed with a solid understanding of these concepts, you can begin to dream of how you will light up your home with a touch of class.

Economically and aesthetically, the amount of lights in any designated area will be the most basic foundation of any low voltage landscape lighting design. Your home should not be lit up like a baseball park, but should have lighting accentuating features by tastefully positioning lights to highlight and shadow. Too many lights are not only very expensive, but it also creates a flat harsh appearance that is not pleasing to the eye. Good lighting designs try to create a more enchanting effect by balancing light on the best areas of the landscape. Therefore, the features should be spread out so there are alternating light and dark areas.

Type of Material

When deciding what type of material to buy, keep in my mind that quality counts. As with most things, you get what you pay for in landscape lights. Cheap plastics should be avoided as they are not durable and cheapen the landscape. On the other hand, metal fixtures will last and add value to your home. Because of this, it may be worth the money to invest in the highest quality you can afford. Always keep in mind that the lights your choose will be visible in the daylight so choosing a fixture and finish that you like is very important.


Since lighting fixtures are visible in the daylight, their placement is essential to a good design. Whenever possible, it is recommended to place lights in areas such as plant beds instead of open spaces. Although outdoor lights are relatively sturdy, they can be susceptible to damage such as weather conditions, animals, and other aspects of nature. Also, lawn mowers and children playing must be considered when thinking about design since obtrusive lights can be a safety hazard. Hiding them in plant beds helps protect them from weather, children, lawn equipment and pets. If a light has to be placed in an open area, surround it with natural looking barriers, such as rocks.

Just as important as choosing the fixture itself is choosing the light bulb. Light bulbs have many characteristics and one of them is what colors or spectrums they come in. A yellow glow is given by high pressure sodium lights. However, Standard CFl, Metal Halide and LEDs give off a white light which many more people find less attractive. There is no right or wrong when discussing spectrum, it is just what you find more appealing for your own personal use. Spectrum is measured by color temperature. Preferred landscape lighting is usually categorized under the warm white and natural white classes of the spectrum.

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