Rain vs. Sprinklers

As we all know, there has been a large influx of rain this year. In fact, in the Atlanta area alone the precipitation rate is 40.9% above average, leading to Atlanta’s second wettest year on record. So the obvious question is:  Why do I need a sprinkler system?

If it rained at your house every few days with the exact same amount every time, then you most likely would not need a sprinkler system.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not operate on a timed schedule and a  consistently timed and measured amount of water is the only way to help ensure a healthy landscape.  Your plants can get stressed within just a few days of not receiving water in the dry season. 

            Additionally, frequent heavy showers cause a washout of nutrients and complete saturation of the soil. The summer months are quickly approaching, and when the rain dies down your lawn will have less nutrients than ever due to the washout of the rain. The soil is also used to having large amounts of water since the rainfall has been continuing for months, and therefore this soil has evolved to expect the large amounts of water. When the rain stops it will shock the lawn which will cause an even graver need for water. Ultimately, this contributes to needing a water supply (sprinkler system) to continue what the rain started.  Keep your landscape thriving through the summer by making sure that your sprinkler system is in good repair and ready to provide what was so abundant in the Spring.