Irrigation Industry Trends

We all know the importance of water to sustain life. Georgians make a significant investment in landscaping and watering which is a significant part of their maintenance expense. The Atlanta drought and the subsequent increase in water bills have put water conservation on the forefront of strategies for landscape maintenance. The irrigation industry is growing Read More

What Sprinkler Heads are the Most Effective?

I am frequently asked this question but what I think homeowners are really asking is what sprinkler heads are the most powerful. All sprinkler heads can be effective if used for the purpose for which they were intended. A good irrigation design will tailor each landscape with the appropriate sprinkler head while keeping in mind Read More

How can we have a drought when we have so much rainfall?

The following information has been summarized from the article “Saving Water in Georgia.”, June 2013. It seems that water shortages have become a fact of life for Georgians. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just the lack of rainfall that triggers our droughts. The population explosion in the Atlanta area has caused a demand Read More