Wireless Landscape Lighting Control With Your Smartphone

wireless landscape lighting controlOne of the new innovations of outdoor lighting is that it has gone wireless. Luxor has been able to develop a system that you can control completely through an app on your Smartphone. This revolutionary app is available for android and iphone users as of February 2014. This takes outdoor lighting to a whole new level.

The Luxor Wi-Fi system consists of three parts: a Wi-Fi Module that links Luxor ZD controllers to iOS & Android smartphones and tablets using the Luxor Wi-Fi App, the Light Assignment Module (LAM) which allows smartphone or tablet group assignment of every fixture attached to a Luxor ZD system, and a new indoor facepack mount that allows the Luxor ZD facepack to be remotely mounted inside a home or covered area. All three pieces of hardware are available now from FX Luminaire. If you simply want wifi without the smartphone control, the Luxor® LAN Module is a universal way to connect Luxor® controllers to the home network router.

If you are having a party with your friends and want to set the mood and create some ambiance in the dark outdoors after the sun goes down, all you have to do is pull out your smartphone and control the system straight from luxor’s user-friendly app.

Zoning and dimming are now able to be controlled by on the fly adjustments. Do you ever watch outdoor movies? With your smart phone you can turn on the lights to find your seat and get settled; then dim them without getting up just before the movie starts.

Making these adjustments does not affect the lighting program. You can adjust your lights all night long, and the next night they will go back to how they were originally set.

Another benefit to the luxor wifi is the luxor linking. This allows a property with multiple luxor systems to be able to link them all together. Multiple users are able to have access to all the lighting controls by connecting their devices to the home wifi system. You can link up to 250 groups and have limitless creative ways to refine your landscape. Programs can remain independent with each controller to allow for maximum automatic control. Just by using a smartphone or tablet and the Light Assignment Module(LAM), you can wirelessly assign every fixture to a group. Just plug the LAM into your device, enter Assignment mode, choose a fixture group, and hold the LAM at the selected light.

From programming a theme to zoning and dimming certain lights to any percentage of output, Luxor Wi-Fi gives complete wireless landscape lighting control. All that is necessary for bringing your property to life with landscape lighting is learning how to program a theme and push a button.

If you are a homeowner who wants to add a custom touch to your outdoor landscape or just love the emerging technology of wireless landscape lighting control, contact us about Luxor Wi-Fi.