Christmas Lighting Design Tips

christmas lighting designChristmas lighting displays are a source of pride and joy for many homeowners. Lighting up your home with lights can light up faces and produce good cheer. When you begin decorating your home outdoors this holiday season, think of your house as a canvas that will be viewed by many people. The impression they carry away will depend on how effectively you have painted your home with light.

There are no hard and fast rules to Christmas lighting design. Individual taste and budge will dictate much of how you create your own electrical extravaganza. As you design your display keep the following points in mind:

Think Big

Your Christmas lighting design should be bigger than life so that displays can be seen at a distance.

Start Small

Look at your home and ask yourself what area deserves to be displayed the most? For example, if having lights on the roof is most important, then design the roof lighting first and build upon that foundation. Make sure you do not get too ambitious only halfway lighting the focal areas while spreading your lights too thin.


Designing, buying and installing lights can take weeks, especially if you need to redo a design or order special lights. Be sure to plan to have your house lit up and your project complete by the start of the Christmas season.


Remember that your Christmas lighting design will also be viewed in the daytime. Conceal as much as possible by camouflaging wires, extension cords and projection lamps.


Avoid general lighting interference. Outdoor high voltage lighting can destroy the effects of highlighting or spotlights. Turn these lights off when you have your display on.

Most importantly, have fun! We can help with the inspiration and installation if you prefer to just enjoy the lights without the work.