LED lights for the Holidays is a Bright Idea

Led lights for the holidays is the new wave of Holiday decorations. Traditional incandescent lights may last 2 or 3 seasons but a set of LED lights can last upwards of 200,000 hours or approximately 23 years. Additionally, LED lights will consume 90% less power than traditional Christmas lights and they do not break as Read More

10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Lighting Mishaps

The holiday season is a time for parties and joy but also a time of stress so don’t forget your common sense-especially if you are dealing with electricity. Simple safety precautions for holiday lighting will help you create an accident-free holiday lighting display. Buy lights and cords that are specifically rated for outdoor use. Do Read More

Christmas Lighting Design Tips

Christmas lighting displays are a source of pride and joy for many homeowners. Lighting up your home with lights can light up faces and produce good cheer. When you begin decorating your home outdoors this holiday season, think of your house as a canvas that will be viewed by many people. The impression they carry Read More