LED lights for the Holidays is a Bright Idea

Led lights for the holidays is the new wave of Holiday decorations. Traditional incandescent lights may last 2 or 3 seasons but a set of LED lights can last upwards of 200,000 hours or approximately 23 years. Additionally, LED lights will consume 90% less power than traditional Christmas lights and they do not break as easily since they are covered with plastic and not glass.

The biggest hindrance to decorating with LED lighting is initial cost. As a general rule, a 100 light string of LED lights are around $25 compared to $10 for the same 100 light string of incandescent lights.  If your home is small and/or you do not use a lot of lights, then the LED upfront cost may never be realized since you will not be using enough power to recoup the difference. However, if you like to see your home lit up for the holidays, LED lighting may be worth the investment.

The most common types of LED Christmas lights are:

M5: similar to regular miniature lights, 25-100 string sets, Typical cost for 100: $20

C6: Narrow lights shaped like a strawberry, Used for outdoor/indoor foliage and is a good compromise between the miniature M5 and the larger C7 and C9. Typical cost for 70: $20

C7: Candelabra base; used to outline gutters, fences, and walkways. Typical cost for 25: $15

C9: Biggest option; used to outline buildings. Typical cost for 25: $15

If you decide that LED lights for the holidays is the option for you, it is important to choose between pro grade lighting and retail grade. In general, the big box stores sell retail grade lighting and pro Christmas light installers will install pro grade. Always know what grade of lighting you are buying so you can get the best value for your investment. Dallas North would be happy to explain the differences.


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